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Can I have my card delivered to an address other than the one registered for me in the National Population Register?

No, we can only deliver your card to your official residential address.

My address is registered incorrectly in the Lunar app:

My address is not protected

We retrieve your address directly from the National Population Register - you can check if your address is registered correctly on If you have just changed your address, it may take a few days before your change of address is processed by the municipality, and we are notified.

My address is protected

When you have name and address protection, we cannot obtain your information automatically from the National Population Register. You must therefore contact our customer support at or +45 70 60 45 45 45 to change your address with us.

All you need to have ready for us is one of the following options:

A picture of your latest health insurance card with your correct name and address,


A full transcript from the CPR register in PDF format. Click here for the direct link.

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