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Here you can read about why we put all our efforts into making life as easy as possible through our apps.

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In Lunar, everything is digital. The way you apply, the way you send documents, and the way you use the bank. We have no branches and no advisors. Instead, we have digital solutions that make life easy for you as a customer with us.

Our approach to digital solutions means that we are constantly investing in technology and design that enhance your banking experience. We understand that the world is moving quickly, and our goal is to make your bank as agile as the rest of your digital life.

Can I log into the bank on my computer

No. If you are a private customer, you cannot access any online web banking as you are used to from traditional banks. You use our app for either Android or iOS, and this is where you can take care of everything.

We do not offer online web banking to our private customers, as we put all our efforts into making life as easy as possible through our apps. Things you would normally handle on online web banking, we try to solve with technology, enormous amounts of time spent on user experience, and well-thought-out solutions.

Do you need help?

We know that technology can be tricky, and questions may arise. If you need help with something that's causing trouble in the app, we are always a call away or a chat away in the app. Our support team is ready to help you with a smile, whether it's a simple question or something more complex.

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