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Please note that this information only applies with Lunar Business in Denmark.

How many accounts do I get with Essential?

  • With Essential, you get 3 business accounts. You're able to buy additional accounts for only 19 DKK/month.

How many cards are included with Essential?

  • 3 physical cards

  • 3 digital cards

You can get an additional physical card for 99 DKK.

What's my card limit with Essential?

  • 100.000 DKK daily

  • 300.000 DKK per 30 days.

What's the cost of transfers?

  • You do not pay for transfers in Euro. But for any other currency (outside Denmark) you pay 0.5% + 50DKK/25DKK/0DKK (depending on tier)

You can get a better price on transfers as well as other added bonuses with one of our other account types. Read more on our website.

How many cards can I order?

  • You can order 3 cards per rolling 30 days

  • There is a limit on 2 cards on your primary account, and 1 on all other accounts. So that means you are able to buy extra card on your primary account.

Is it possible to buy extra cards (99 kr) for expense management?

  • No. The extra card for 99 DKK (one-time fee) does not work with expense management, where you can only add employees and cards depending on your tier limits. Hence, you cannot buy extra cards or users for expense management.

How many additional users can I have on my Essential account?

  • As a new feature, Lunar offers additional users to make it easier being a business owner. You can add up to 2 additional owners with Essential

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