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See how to set up a joint account in the article: About joint accounts

Are there limits to what can be transferred from a joint account?

With Lunar in Denmark, the transfer limit is DKK 200,000 per day, 100,000 at a time.

With Lunar in Sweden, the transfer limit is SEK 200,000 per day and 100,000 at a time.

This limit applies to both the account owner and the account member.

Can I use the account for business purposes?

No, it is not allowed. Like our other private accounts, the joint account can only be used for personal purposes.

Do your Goals rules apply to transactions on a joint account?

No, Goals rules only apply to transactions on your primary account.

Who is responsible for the account?

The account owner (the user sharing the account) is liable for the account. This means that deposits, interest, overdraft fees, etc. are also the sole responsibility of the account owner.

Who is liable for fees and overdrafts?

The account owner is liable for all fees, overdrafts and any debt collection cases.

What happens if the owner spends all the money?

The owner is liable for the account and in principle owns all the funds.

Can I order a card for a joint account?

Yes, you can! All members of a joint account can attach cards to the account (max 1 physical and 1 virtual card per user per joint account). The price of the card depends on the subscription the member has.

🇩🇰 Can you link an Easy account/NemKonto to a joint account?

Please note that this information only applies to Lunar in Denmark.

We do not allow you to link someone else's Easy Account/NemKonto to your private account. This is against our terms and conditions, as it is making an account available to 3rd parties.

Joint accounts in Lunar have only one real owner, and therefore we only allow that person to have their Easy Account/NemKonto linked - but both the account owner and members have access to the money that comes in.

Can I link a payment subscription or a payment service agreement to a joint account?

Yes, both members and the account owner can add payment subscriptions and payment service agreements.

However, you can only add payment service agreements to the joint account if the agreement is registered under the primary account owner's social security number.

What happens if the joint account owner cancels their Standard, Plus or Unlimited subscription?

If you own a joint account and choose to downgrade to a Light plan, account members will be removed from the joint account, and it will become a regular extra account. Having an extra account with Lunar without a payment plan costs 19 kr per month.

What happens if the owner removes a member from an account?

The account owner has the right to remove members from the account, and account members are not entitled to the balance.

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