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Here you can read more about the new consumption overview "Insight", which gives you a quick and detailed overview of your consumption

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We have now made it easier for you to get an overview of your consumption, so you know what you're spending your money on. Under the "Insight" tap in the Lunar app, you have the opportunity to:

  • Get an overview of incoming and outgoing money.

  • A new graphical overview of your consumption over time.

  • A new consumption "donut" showing your spending distributed by categories.

  • A way to only see a part of, for example, a MobilePay transaction in your spend.

Consumption Overview

Under the consumption overview, you can track your spending over time. Here you get a visual overview of how much money you have spent this month, last year, or over the entire period.

It also calculates what you spend on average per month, allowing you to keep an eye each month on whether you have spent more or less money than usual.

We even have a brand new "consumption donut" that shows your spending distributed by categories. This gives you an easy and quick overview of where you spend most of your money - whether it's on food, transportation, clothing or something entirely else. You can even get details about specific transactions.

Cash Flows

With our cash flows function, you get insight into how much money is coming in and going out of your account, whether it's monthly, annually, or over the entire period.

Adjust Your Transactions

Take control of your transactions with our split function!

Was it you who paid last time you went out to eat with your friends? Now you can easily adjust your transactions to fit your part of the bill. With our split function, you can divide the expense into, for example, three parts so you only see the amount you need to pay yourself.

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