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This article will explain a few things about what Lunar is - and what it can be for you

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Hey - and welcome!

if you've stumbled upon this page, you're either filled with questions and thoughts about what it means to be a user at Lunar, or you've been pranked by one of your friends who linked you an article from a Help Center instead of a funny YouTube video. Who knows.

Anyway, this right here is an article aimed at answering some of the most commonly asked questions related to being, or becoming, a new user at Lunar.

It's a bit on the longer side, so strap in, get a drink - and dive in.
Alternatively, you're free to take a break halfway through. No one's checking!

So, what's Lunar?

Lunar is a singular platform designed to help you manage your entire economy. It's all built into an app, which means your bank is always handily ready in your pocket.

As we're a 100% digital bank, there's no physical branches for you to visit - our support is available right on your phone; both via the app or a quick call.

Lunar is an independent, regulated and licensed bank, and we've made sure your money is protected by the Danish deposit insurance.
Currently, more than 500,000 users across Denmark, Norway and Sweden use Lunar - amongst these more than 13,000 entrepreneurs who use Lunar Business to manage their own company.

Lunar can be used as either a primary or secondary bank. We don't demand that you cancel your accounts at other banks to be with us. We're not the jealous type.

In the same vein, there's no requirement for moving your NemKonto, Betalingsservice or other services - but we do, of course, offer these services.

In other words, Lunar can be used for anything ranging from a secondary (or tertiary, or...) savings account up to your only bank account.

And what do you offer?

So many things! We have a huge selection of products - all designed to ease your daily life.
Not including accounts for both private and business users, we offer things such as Betalingsservice, Buy Now Pay Later, investing, insurance and loans.
Our entire portfolio of products is too large to explain properly in this article, so it is highly recommended that you head on over to our webpage where you can read much more about all our services - just click here!

You said something about an app?

I sure did! We've gathered everything you could possibly ever need in one devilishly handsome app!

This is where your journey begins, and where you'll be enjoying everything Lunar has to offer.

The app also contains a vast help center with the sole purpose of giving you problem-solving tools and helpful articles, which should arm you for any issue you might encounter.
And if not, our support is only a few clicks away.

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