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Digital cards

Read more about what a digital card is and what you can use it for.

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In addition to physical cards, we also offer digital cards that you can use online and link to MobilePay and Google/Apple Wallet.

The digital card will be active as soon as it is ordered, and that also means you can start using it immediately.

How to link your card to Google/Apple Wallet

You can easily link your new digital card to Google/Apple Wallet, which allows you to pay directly with your mobile.

You just need to log into the Lunar app and find the card you want to add. Here you can click on "Add to Google/Apple Wallet", and then the app guides you through the rest of the process.

Alternatively, you can add the card manually by opening your Wallet app and entering your card information.

How to link your card to MobilePay

You add your card to MobilePay by following these steps:

  1. Open the MobilePay app.

  2. Press "Profile" in the lower right corner.

  3. Now select "Cards and accounts".

  4. Press "Add card".

  5. Enter your card information and press ''Next".

  6. Now identify yourself with MitID.

  7. Name your card.

Your card is now added to MobilePay, and you can thus send money via MobilePay.

If you wish to be able to receive money through MobilePay on your Lunar account, you also have to add your bank account number under 'Accounts' in MobilePay.
You find your bank account number in the Lunar app under the name of your given account.


How do I pay with my virtual card?

As soon as the card is in your Wallet, you can pay directly with your phone. You can pay with Apple/Google Pay in stores, in apps, online and much more.

Pay with your iPhone: if you have Face ID installed on your iPhone, simply double-click on the button on the side of your phone and your card will appear.

Is it possible to link both physical and virtual cards to Google/Apple Wallet?

Yes, you can add both physical and virtual cards to your Wallet. You find all your cards in the Lunar app under "Cards", and thus add them to your Wallet.

Is it possible to link more than 1 card to Google/Apple Wallet?

Yes, you can! However, the first card you add to your Wallet becomes your default card. When you add more cards, you can choose a different default card.

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