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Hey! Great that you are interested in becoming a user at Lunar.

Luckily, it's pretty straightforward to start the process of becoming a Lunar user - all you need to do is download our app from either AppStore or PlayStore, and then complete our flow.

Most EU/EEA citizens with a Danish address can become a customer at Lunar - as long as you are at least 15 years old and have MitID.

Before you're a user

During the flow, you will be asked questions and asked to provide some information. We do this to keep both us and you safe.

We have to make sure we know all our customers - it's a legal requirement.

Usually, the flow can be completed quite quickly. It's important that you do it all in one go; that way we can make sure there are no mistakes along the way.

Once you have completed the flow, your application will be sent directly to our onboarding team. They will take a look at your application and will contact you if they need more information.

Of course, we work to get people approved as quickly as possible! Depending on the circumstances, it can take up to a week to become a user.

If you would like to read more about documentation or further information, we have articles on this.

When you're a user

Once created, you can log in to your user directly in the app. Here you can see your accounts, and you can also add an overview of your other banks, set up Betalingsservice and much more.

If you want to add an overview from your other bank, you can click on 'Products' in the bottom right corner. Here you can select "Connect Bank/Add Bank" and follow the flow. Then you will have an overview of your other accounts directly in Lunar's app.

If you have been rejected

We understand that it is frustrating to get a rejection.

Your nationality is never a reason for rejection. When we review an application, it is based on an overall assessment.

As a private customer, it is rare that you cannot reapply.

Most rejections are based on a lack of information so that we can have sufficient customer knowledge.

We always send you an email with the reasons for rejection, which you may wish to read through to understand what you were missing last time before contacting support. You are of course welcome to apply again.

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