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Read more about our transfer fees and limits at Lunar
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Amount limits

If you need to transfer a lot of money, you should be aware that there are some limits on the amount of money you can transfer.

On an ordinary account, you can transfer a maximum of DKK 200,000 daily and DKK 100,000 per transfer.

However, for a joint account, the daily limit is DKK 50,000.

Therefore, if you need to make a larger transfer, we would recommend that you split the transfer over several rounds/days in agreement with the recipient. If this is not possible, please contact our support team who will check if it is possible to help you with the transfer.

Fees and charges

At Lunar it is completely free to make transfers to Danish accounts and all transfers are made as instant transfers. This means that the recipient receives the money in his or her account within a few seconds. As the sender, you can easily show the recipient that the money has been transferred.

Transfers to and from abroad

International transfers are built around a complex infrastructure and there are many parties involved behind the scenes. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot make international transfers completely free.

However, at Lunar we do not charge a fixed fee, instead we charge a 1% exchange rate surcharge when exchanging currency in connection with an international transfer.

In addition, there are special cases where an additional fee may be charged, e.g. for transfers that need to be handled manually. You can read more about these charges in our detailed price list.

If you have more questions about limits and fees, you can always get in touch with our customer support by writing to us via the chat function directly in your Lunar app or by calling us on: +45 70 60 54 54 54.

We look forward to helping you.

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