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It's all about how to easily update your address with Lunar when you move!

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When you move to a new address within Denmark, we will typically fetch your new address automatically from the CPR registry. All you need to do is report your move at https://www.borger.dk/bolig-og-flytning. That way, we automatically get a message that we need to update your new address in our systems.

However, there are some exceptions where we cannot fetch your address automatically. In those cases, we will write to you and ask you to send documentation. Let's delve into the exceptions and what you should do if we write to you.

If your address has not yet been updated in the Lunar app, double-check that your moving application has been approved. Once it has been approved, you will receive a moving receipt in your E-box.


  • You have name and address protection

  • You have emigrated (moved out of Denmark, either temporarily or permanently)

  • The CPR registry has reported you as missing

If one of the 3 above exceptions applies to you, then, for obvious reasons, we cannot automatically retrieve your address from the CPR registry, and therefore we write to you to obtain documentation of your new address.

According to Danish law, we are obligated to know our customers and to always have their information updated. That is why we collect documentation.

You will hear from us on the email you have connected to your Lunar account and we will also send you a chat message in the Lunar app. All you need to do is upload documentation in the request you also receive in the Lunar app.

We check the documentation and if it meets our requirements, we will update your address in our systems.


If you experience problems or have questions about the documentation, you are always welcome to call and have a chat. You can always call us at+45 70 60 54 54.

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