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Betalingsservice (direct debit agreement)
Betalingsservice (direct debit agreement)

Learn how to set up a payment for Betalingsservice, move existing agreements from another bank, and how to reject/cancel agreements.

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How to register a payment for Betalingsservice

You can register a payment for Betalingsservice in the Lunar app. Registration in the app can be done in two ways.

At the same time as you pay a bill (giro-card, FI-card), where you then mark that it should be registered for the Payment Service.

Or by doing the following:

  1. Open your Lunar app and tap the Explore tab.

  2. Select Direct Debit (Betalingsservice)

  3. Tap Add new.

  4. Select New agreement.

  5. Fill in the fields with:

    1. PBS number

    2. Debtor group number

    3. Customer number.

  6. Select which account the agreement should be charged to and then press Select account.

  7. Check that all information is correct and then enrol the new agreement by swiping right.

  8. The agreement is now sent for creation.

If you have a QR code (e.g. on your payment card), you can also click the QR code icon in the top right corner of the app. This will switch on the camera on your phone

Please note that the first payment must be made manually - this can be done via the payment information on the giro-card.

How to move an existing agreement from another bank to Lunar

  1. Open your Lunar app and tap the Explore tab.

  2. Select Direct Debit (Betalingsservice).

  3. Select Move from your other bank.

  4. At Move direct debit you enter:

    1. Registration number (of the bank you want to move the agreements from).

    2. Then select the account to which the agreements are to be linked.

    3. Then press continue.

    4. Check that all information is correct and then swipe on Confirm transfer.

Click here to jump to the Direct Debit section in the Lunar app.

If only some of your direct debit agreements are being moved, the agreements must be cancelled with your current bank and set up again with Lunar.

How to reject/cancel a direct debit agreement

Reject as direct debit agreement

You reject direct debit agreements within the Lunar app. This means that it will not be debited this month, but will be debited normally again in the future.

Please note that rejections can only take place during what we call the "payment window". The date for when it "opens" varies, but it is generally 7 days before the end of the month. However, the window always closes on the 8th of the month - unless it's a Saturday/Sunday or a holiday, in which case the last day is the next business day.

You can reject a payment that has already been debited as long as it is within the payment window. The amount will be refunded to your account within 1-2 business days. However, this does not mean that the account can go in overdraft - there must be sufficient funds on the debit date.

Cancel a direct debit agreement

If you wish to cancel a direct debit agreement, it means that the agreement will be debited this month, but not in the future. You also have this option in the app, under the direct debit agreement itself. Here you can press "cancel" on the specific agreement.

Cancellation of direct debit agreements can only be done outside the payment window - i.e., after the 7th of the month.

We can also assist in both rejecting and cancelling the agreement. This means that the agreement will not be debited this month or in the future.


Can I change the date or time for when my direct debit agreement debits?

It is solely the creditor who can set the amount for debiting, and because of that it is also the creditor who chooses the date and time for when the agreement should be debited. Therefore, this is not something we can assist with changing.

What happens if my direct debit agreements put my account into overdraft?

If a direct debit agreement of over 1,000 DKK puts the account into overdraft, we will refund the payment to your account. In this regard, a fee of 250 DKK per agreement is imposed. However, a maximum of 500 DKK can be deducted for the withdrawal of direct debit agreements.

We cannot "re-run" an agreement, so if it has been refunded (e.g., due to insufficient funds), the bill must be paid manually - the creditor can send a Giro card.

Agreements under 1,000 DKK that put the account into overdraft will not be refunded. However, an overdraft fee of 20% will still be imposed on the overdraft until it is covered.

How do I move my direct debit agreements to another bank?

You can ask your new bank to transfer all your agreements from Lunar to them. Alternatively, you can cancel your agreements with Lunar and then re-register them in your other bank.

Can I transfer my direct debit agreements to a joint account?

Yes, both members and the owner of the account can link direct debit agreements to the joint account. However, you can only add agreements to the joint account if the agreement is registered under the primary account owner's CPR number.

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