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See how to create a shared account in the article: About joint accounts

Who can create a joint account?

Only Standard, Plus or Unlimited users can create a joint account.

The rest of your group can join, regardless of which subscription they have. However, Light users can only be a member of up to 3 Joint Accounts.

How many joint accounts can be created?

All additional accounts can be made into a joint account, so there is no limit to the number of joint accounts for Unlimited users. You will have to pay for additional accounts if the number exceeds what is included in your subscription. Click here to read more about how to create additional accounts.

How many people can participate in a joint account?

There can be a maximum of 11 members in a joint account, including one owner and 10 participants.

Can I convert an existing extra account into a joint account?

As a Standard, Plus or Unlimited user, you can convert existing additional accounts to a joint account and the card already linked will continue to work as before.

Can I turn my primary account into a joint account?

No, only additional accounts can be shared.

Can users under the age of 18 create a joint account?

Users under the age of 18 cannot create a joint account and thereby be the owner of a shared account. For users of Danish Lunar, they can, like Light users, participate in 3 shared accounts.

How do I invite other Lunar users?

You can either create a new joint account or invite to an existing additional account. You invite a member by sharing a link.

If the invitee is already a Lunar user, the link will lead to an approval form for them to fill out. If they are not yet a Lunar user, the link leads to the App Store.

To ensure that unwanted outsiders cannot access your joint account, the account owner must approve all new members before they can access the account.

How long does the link work?

The link is active for 30 days. After that, the account owner must send a new link.

Can I order a card for a joint account?

Yes, you can! All members of a joint account can link cards to the account (max 1 physical and 1 virtual card per user per shared account). The price of the card depends on the subscription the member has.

🇩🇰 Can I link NemKonto to a shared account?

Please note that this information only applies to Lunar in Denmark.

We do not allow you to link someone else's Easy Account/NemKonto to your private account. This is against our terms and conditions, as it is making an account available to 3rd parties.

Joint Accounts in Lunar have only one real owner, and therefore we only allow that person to have their Easy Account/NemKonto linked - but both the account owner and members have access to the money on the account.

Can I have a payment subscription or a payment service agreement on a joint account?

Yes, both members and the account owner can add payment subscriptions and payment service agreements.

However, you can only add payment service agreements to the shared account if the agreement is registered under the primary account owner's social security number.

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