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Find information on what happens when you change your CPR number.

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Please note that this information only applies to Lunar in Denmark.

Your social security number is the basis for your customer relationship with us at Lunar.

If you change your CPR number, we cannot support the data change on the same account, but need to create a new account with your new information.

We receive information from the Danish CPR register when our customers change their

personal data.

If you change your CPR number, you will receive a formal notice from us as soon as

the change is registered in our systems.

The notice period will last two months. During this period, we will usually provide you with full

functionality of your user. Unfortunately, you will most likely have your

original login ID (NemID/MitID) terminated by the state, so you will not be able to log in to your old

account in your Lunar app.

Your Lunar cards should continue to work during the notice period.

You may find that they are temporarily blocked for 1-3 business days as a security measure.

Apply again

We encourage you to reapply immediately with your new CPR number.

You may not yet be able to meet all the standard documentation requirements to

create a new account.

Tell us right away about your situation in your new creation and include as much information as possible about your old account so that we can link them together and help get you up and running with Lunar and a functional banking relationship again.

For example, include phone number, email address, account numbers or similar. It is possible that both your old and new Lunar user are active at the same time for a period of time.

We will of course be happy to assist you with moving deposits and

payment services.

Important things to remember when changing your CPR number

  • Remember to create or purchase new Lunar cards.

  • After your original Lunar user is closed, all connected cards will stop working.

  • We cannot connect them to new accounts.

  • We cannot guarantee to offer replacement cards.

In some cases, we will suspend your old accounts after the CPR change is registered until we

can verify that the circumstances are not suspicious.

If you feel that you have been suspended needlessly or that it seems like there has been a misunderstanding, please contact our support team, who will direct you to the right department to re-evaluate your situation immediately.

If you are a newcomer to Denmark but have your CPR number canceled, you will similarly

receive a two-month notice of termination. We encourage you to reapply if you have a new Danish CPR number created. If your original CPR number is reopened, we would like to receive documentation of this and reconsider the termination in consultation with you.

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