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Read a few tips on how to avoid phishing

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As phishing becomes a bigger problem for the Danish population, we at Lunar have decided to set out a number of rules of thumb to help you stay safe.

Lunar will never:

  • Ask for your private information via SMS, email or phone. This applies to both CPR number, MitID and the like.

  • Ask for your account information via text, email or phone.

  • Ask for your password via text, email or phone.

  • Call you or write to ask you to transfer money to others.

Lunar only asks for documentation via our own secure app. Here, you can upload images and documentation directly to us.

If you're unsure whether Lunar is contacting you, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

You can write to us inside the app or call our customer support on +45 70 60 54 54 between 9-23 on weekdays and 9-17 on weekends and public holidays.

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