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MitID and Lunar
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Please note that this information only applies to Lunar in Denmark.

MitID and Lunar

As with all other banks, you as a customer must use MitID when logging in.

The Danish Agency for Digital Government and Finance Denmark have developed a new and secure way to prove your identity online.

This article is written those with general questions about MitID and Lunar. We have tried to combine it all in one place. We hope you find the answer to your question 🙏🏻

I have my Nemkonto with Lunar, I haven't received a message from you to create my MitID. Why is that?

Due to the way Lunar is developed, we do not use the underlying technology in the same way as the other old banks. We will therefore not send you a message that you need to move. You will have to create your MitID yourself via their website.

Can Lunar create my MitID?

No, they can't. Lunar cannot create your MitID. It is not an option. If you only have your banking activities with Lunar, you must create your MitID yourself via the MitID website.

If you do not have a valid passport, we refer you to, who can help you create your MitID.

Does Lunar ask for my MitID information via email, call or SMS?

No, under no circumstances. The only time you need your MitID and your information is in your Lunar app. Nowhere else.

If someone has contacted you by email, call or SMS and you have disclosed your MitID information, you must immediately block your MitID.

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