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Card not received after ordering
Card not received after ordering

Here you can read about the possible reasons why your card hasn't arrived and what to do from here.

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Typical reasons to why the card has not arrived:

  1. The address registered in your Lunar app is wrong.

  2. Your full name is not on the mailbox.

  3. The postal service is delayed.

What do I do now?

  • You can see the expected date of delivery of your card in the Lunar App.

  • 2 days after you are expected to receive the card, you are able to use the button "Card has not arrived".

  • When you call us, it is important that you inform the agent about your current address, so we can send you a new card.

  • If your name is not listed on the mailbox, during the period when you are expecting to receive your card, make sure to stick it on.

It is the wrong address that is registered in the Lunar app, and...

I am not address-protected

We retrieve your address directly from the Civil Registration System - you can check if your address is registered correctly on If you have recently changed your address, it may take a few days for your address change to be processed by the municipality, and we receive notification.

I am address-protected

When you have name and address protection, we cannot automatically retrieve your information from the Civil Registration System. Therefore, you need to contact our customer support on email or via phone number +45 70 60 45 45 to update your address with us.

All you will need to have ready is one of the following:

  • A picture of your latest health card with the correct name and address,


    A complete printout from the CPR register in PDF format. Click here for a direct link.

As soon as you have one of these options ready, you can contact support, so they can begin a case in order to change your address.

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