How to create a recurring transfer

Here you can read about how to create a recurring transfer.

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Please note that this information only applies to Lunar in Denmark.

How to create a recurring transfer

  1. Open your Lunar app and tap the arrow icon in the bottom menu.

  2. Select Transfer.

  3. You now need to choose whether you want to transfer to one of your own or someone else's accounts.
    To transfer to another account, enter the registration and account number at the top of the page and then tap Continue. You can also scroll down and select a recipient from the list of your recent transfers or, if you have saved a recipient, from this list.
    To transfer to one of your own accounts, tap the account you'd like to transfer to in the My accounts list.

  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer and select which account you want to transfer from.

  5. Tap Continue.

  6. On the next page, you can enter a message for the recipient and a note for yourself. Additionally, you can choose whether the transfer should be made today or at a future date. Swipe right at the bottom of the screen to complete the transfer.

  7. Once you have approved the transfer (step 6 in the guide) and see a confirmation message, press Create recurring transfer.

  8. Select the frequency, transfer day and end date (if applicable) and tap Continue.

  9. Approve the transfer

That's it! You have now created a recurring transfer. If you want to stop a recurring transfer again, follow this guide:

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