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Here you can read more about what to do if you have mistakenly sent money to the wrong recipient.

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If you have sent money to the wrong recipient, we will guide you on what to do here.

Firstly, you need to identify whether you know the person, or have previously sent money to them. This is because banks should not be involved if the parties know each other. Therefore, you should contact the recipient yourself, if possible.

If you don't know the recipient, your next step is to find out how the money was sent. That is, whether it is a bank transfer, MobilePay, or an invoice. The handling of the incorrect transfer varies depending on the method of dispatch.

Bank transfer

If the incorrect transfer was made via a bank transfer, you should contact our customer service, either by calling us, writing to us via the app or sending an email to We will ask about the amount, date, and why you think there is an incorrect transfer. If you write to us, please include these details in the first message as it will speed up the process significantly.

We will then contact the recipient's bank and request that the money be returned to you.

We cannot guarantee that we can get the amount refunded, but this is the first step in the process. From the time the recipient is contacted, the person has a 14-day response time.

After the 14 days have passed, the recipient's bank must provide the recipient's name and address to us, unless there is name and address protection. In this connection, we will provide this information to you, so you can make a police report if you wish.


If the money was sent via an invoice, also called a giro card, it is often due to a typing error. An invoice consists of three parts: Card type, reference number, and creditor number.

Card type is the two-digit number that follows the first +. Errors here are very rare and would not often occur here.

Reference number is the longest number which often contains a lot of zeros. It is the creditor's way of tracing the payment back to your case. Here you can often write one number too much or too little. If this is the case, the creditor will still receive the payment, but may have difficulty seeing who it's coming from. You should therefore contact the creditor and inform them of the number you have written, after which they can locate the payment.

Creditor number is the last number and is somewhat similar to an account number. That is, if an error has been made here, it should be treated in the same way as if it was a bank transfer. Please, follow the guide above and contact us.


If it is a MobilePay, we at Lunar cannot help, and you should therefore contact the person personally or reach out to MobilePay.

Do you not recognise the transfer or do you suspect fraud?

If you discover a transfer that you do not know about, or you suspect that you have been defrauded, please call us so we can get a better understanding of the sequence of events.

You can call us at +45 70 60 54 54. We are on the phone every weekday from 09-23 and weekends from 10-17.

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