I don't have a MitID

Find out what to do if you want to apply for a Lunar account, but don't have a MitID.

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Please note that this information only applies to Lunar in Denmark.

What is a MitID?

MitID is the digital ID in Denmark. We use it as an extra layer of security when accessing anything from our bank to health care. It's used to book doctor's appointments, transfer large sums of money, or even read emails from public institutions.

It's also used for shopping online to safeguard you from fraud and cyber-crime.

MitID and Lunar

In order to apply for a Lunar account, you need to have a MitID.

You'll be using the MitID to confirm your identity when applying.
Once you have a Lunar account, it's also used to confirm you're you when logging in or transferring larger sums of money.

How do I get MitID?

Sadly, we can't issue MitID for you. We would love to, but it's something the authorities will assist you with.

You can visit this website to get help with settling in. There's links for everything you might need.

I didn't finish my Lunar application

Worry not! Your application will still be there with all the progress you've already made.
We're looking forward to having you!

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