Read more about what phishing is, and how you can stay vigilant to avoid it

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Phishing is a form of online fraud where criminals use emails to impersonate a legitimate organization, acquaintance or government agency to steal sensitive information or money.

The internet has created a wide range of opportunities for scammers to, well, scam.

Phishing emails are the most common form of phishing, and it can be difficult to spot a scam email.

We've compiled a list of tips and tricks here to help you spot a scam email:

  • Does the offer in the email make sense?

  • Have you been asked to send money unexpectedly?

  • Is the layout of the email similar to other emails you have received from Lunar in the past?

  • Can you see the correct contact details for Lunar at the bottom of the email?

  • Is there something unusual about the sender of the email?

Scam emails can often look like professional emails. You will never be asked to provide your password or account information in an email from Lunar.

If you think you have received a scam email, it is important that you do not click on any links in the email.

If you have provided any customer information or transferred money, contact our customer service immediately.

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