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My card gets declined — what do I do?

If your card is being declined when you're trying to use it in a store, on the web, or when withdrawing cash, it's most likely because the balance is too low.

Maybe rent was due yesterday — or perhaps you ordered an extra large pizza? Luckily, you can look up your account balance directly in the Lunar app. If the balance is indeed to low, you can transfer funds from another account to top up the one you're attempting to pay from.

If your account balance is fine, but your card still gets declined, it's most likely an issue with the terminal. This can either mean that the terminal is faulty or that it doesn't accept VISA Debit cards.

Alternatively, the rejection can be caused by hitting your maximum spending limit.
You can read more about our different limits here

My card doesn't work — what do I do?

If your card doesn't work at all, it can be due to damage to the card's chip. You can renew your card directly in the Lunar app in the Card menu.

Good to know

  • Lunar doesn't have any physical locations, which means that there's no ATM's to withdraw/deposit money from. You can still withdraw from any ATM from other banks.

  • If your physical card is damaged, you can still use it to pay online or make MobilePay transactions.

  • If you need to order a new card, you can do it yourself directly in your Lunar app.
    Read more about it here

Contact us

If you can't figure out why your card keeps acting up, you're free to contact our customer support.
You can send us a message directly in the app or contact us on: +45 70 60 54 54.

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